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    • I've never been to the wagon before, but it sounds great I'm looking forward to making a trip this weekend.

    • Jeff Marino
    • We love the Hamburger Wagon! Or as we call it, The Patty Wagon! We take our kids out to the restaurant of their choice every yr for their bday and The Hamburger Wagon was our 14 yr old daughters choice this yr! Saved us a boatload and she was a happy camper! Something about those burgers makes the line worth standing in! The christmas stockings will definitely have gift cards in them this yr!

    • Molly Johnson
    • I was at the wagon Sat at 12:20, a girl was waiting for her burgers, she got them and left,she came back and told the guy that they were raw, she went back to her car to wait the man said something smart about her bringing them back,I was next in line to get my burgers and I noticed that the patties kept falling apart in the skillet I told him that I did'nt want my burgers be cause they were falling apart, Mabey this was their first day there, i,ve never seen them there before.

    • Rick Edwards
    • I just left there 10/22/16 around 3:30. I put a $1.00 in the tip jar and the guy said you can just take it back, it's not worth it to me to have to split it and make 50 cents! I'm pissed, you don't deserve a job! You're pitiful and no wonder you're working in a hamburger cart on the side of the road and wearing dirty clothes as well!

    • Shelly
    • I am there each year while attending the Dayton Hamvention, See you soon!

    • Curt Myers
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