• We just love these little burgers, they are so crunchy and delicious

    • Miamisburg Resident

    • I had my first "bag of burgers" back in 1978. I fell in love and bought them almost weekly until I moved to Texas in '83. I've been back a few times over the years and always make a trip to get a bag. I have never had a great little burger any better then these anywhere in the US. In fact, I was just sitting here in my living room and had a thought about these burgers and thought I'd look them up on the internet. I read the reviews above from mk and Thomas Welton and wanted to add my comments. If you have changed anything to denigrate what has always been a really great memory, PLEASE return to the original recipe, size and quality that will insure repeat customers, like myself, for a few more generations. If you have to raise the price a little to do this, feel free. Enough things change over the years but this is one great burger that should remain timeless. Keep up the good work. "Love those little burgers"

    • Jeff from Virginia
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    • MJjhSwQczXguqsdiBb
    • I didn't know you were doing a barn book! How neat! Love the old spring house with the stwornoek. Also, didn't know about French Village. I need to get out more in my own state, I guess! Glad your parents got some much needed rain. We only got 2 or 3 tenths here. Surely we will get a nice rain before long! Right???

    • j5x07dxIRhR
    • My wife and I make about 25 trips a year from Middletown to Miamisburg specifically to "pig out" on your great little burgers. We purchase a sack full of burgers, couple bags of chips and a couple of soda pops and head to the library park where we enjoy the tasty treats. In the winter we sit in the car. On the way out of town we stop at the Dairy Queen for desert. It doesn't get any better than this !!

    • Bob & Judy Curtis
    • I grew up in Tennessee and I would spend summers up here with my grandparents. I looked foward to these hamburgers all year!!!!! Back then if your wanted a drink our chips you would have to walk over to the potato chip factory!

    • justin
    • For the first time I couldn't taste the hamburger, its so thin its almost non existant. I'm not sure that its worth $1.25 for an onion pickle sandwich. I've loved them in the past, but by reducing the amount of meat changes the whole taste, plus the price has gotten out of hand. Ps: you should also change the picture on your website, the meat is about 1/6 of the size shown.

    • mk
    • Burnt burgers been raised on these little burgers but this was a huge disappointment today first time we ever threw them away Somebody didn't have their game on

    • Thomas Welton
    • This was my husband's first visit to the hamburger wagon. He loved the burgers, as I did, and the experience. The burgers were unique and delicious. We will be back.

    • Rose
    • My all-time favorite. Used to buy them daily when I worked in Miamisburg 35 years ago. Now live in Mexico and still remember the "simply delicious" little burgers.

    • Ray Bushbaum
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    • a5nGrGHTe
    • I grew up eating these hamburgers. As anyone else will say My Grandparents, my parents use to bring all 5 kids to the hamburger wagon. My grandparents and parents would say "We will get them and wait until we get home". Do you think we waited? NO WAY.....They are the best

    • Mary Fox Garver
    • My family...The Jestice's...owned the Wagon for years. I grew up with it. It's my Mom's brother, Gary and she always called it "Bubby burgers." I had "Bubby Burgers" for my Rehearsal dinner. It was an awesome hit and it let people who never had the Hamburger Wagon burgers before get a taste for it. I would never turn down a Wagon burger. Never!

    • Devinee Worrell

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